It's a big decision to have cosmetic surgery but it can have a significant effect on your life.

We can't promise you a whole new personality or a more fulfilling life after your operation, but you may find it surprising how even the smallest change can make a real difference; not just in the way others see you - but also in the way you feel about yourself.

A decision that could make a real difference

This website is designed to introduce you to cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery, a form of plastic surgery that can re-shape facial features and other parts of the body. We would never encourage anyone to have an unnecessary operation but we will give you honest, professional advice to help you make a considered and informed decision. If you do decide to go ahead, the next step is to choose where to have your operation - an important decision that we'd like to make a little easier by telling you more about One Healthcare.

Why choose a One Healthcare?

One Healthcare is registered with the Healthcare Commission. We have set new standards of personal service in the field of medical care and our reputation is built on our ability to provide the service you are looking for. We offer excellent medical care and a comprehensive range of services and facilities.

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